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Thank You for contacting

Here are some options that may expedite our Ability to Serve You !

Contract Estimate via Email:

You can email SOSew directly for an estimate conducted by email, with your provided photo/s and description of the repair. Please allow 1 to 3 days for a reply !

Schedule a Walk In Appointment:

You can book a walk in appointment by emailing

Contract SOSew Pick Up & Delivery Service:

At .70 cents a mile SOSew will pick up, complete, and deliver the work/s.


Contact by Contract Overview:

Estimate > Approval > Work

Completion of Services / Invoice

Pay at Time of Pick Up

After meeting with You and discussing your Project / Repair, SOSew will email You a Project (Repair) Description, Schedule for Completion (Start & End Date), & Estimate. Once You digitally accept the Estimate, You and SOSew have a Contract, and we begin on your work. Likely, the next email You receive from SOSew is the Completion of Services Invoice, per the approved Contract Estimate & Your item is ready for Payment & Pick up or Delivery.

You can then schedule an appointment onine to pick up the completed project (or elect to have it delivered at .70 cents a mile, or mailed).

SOSew Map and Directions:

SOSew is located in Four Corners

145 Mill Town Loop, Ste 2B

Bozeman, Montana 59718

*Close to Mr Burrito / Located on the backside (not facing Jack Rabbit) facing the old Ice Arena. You will see 2B near the entrance door of the green building.

Deposit Info :

On occasion, a job merits having a deposit (and installed payments for meeting production junctures) to ensure the project starts on time (and continues to follow through). SOSew will let you know if this is SO.

Timely Payment Info :

Payment is due at time of completion. (Generally expect 1 to 2 weeks turnaround for repairs). You will receive a Completion of Services Invoice notification via email that your job is complete and ready to pick up / or have delivered / or mailed.

SOSew accepts cash, and uses Square that accepts debit and credit cards and digital wallet.

At the time and action of payment, the individual / client hereby acknowledges that all services were provided as described on the invoice and contract previously requested by the customer.

SOSew will hold items 30 days after completion / via email notification that the project is complete and ready for pick up. After 30 days, the item / project contracted with Sosew is deemed abandoned, and SOSew holds no responsibility in returning the item, nor holding it further.

~Contact for Contract~

SOSew is located in a


BIG SKY vvvvv

Huff Line / Main St BOZEMAN

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